Structural Engineering for the Aviation Industry

Professional engineering consulting for aviation investigations and disasters.

We specialize in airframe structural failure.

Armellino Engineering is an independent consulting firm with a focus in aviation, aeronautics, and aerospace engineering. We provide expert testimony and advisory services on legal and liability matters concerning aviation investigations, accidents, and disasters.

Our mission is to make flying safer for every pilot and passenger by analyzing structural engineering failures, identifying root causes, and interpreting facts into productive outcomes.

Glenn Armellino MS, PE

Over 35+ years of hands-on aviation experience.

Glenn combines years of real aviation engineering experience with an adept ability to explain complex concepts in a practical way. Having worked in a variety of engineering capacities for the biggest names in the aircraft industry, Glenn has the unique ability to see and understand issues from multiple perspectives.

Aviation Engineering Services

Expert Witness
Subject Matter Expert
Liability Consulting
Engineering Outsourcing
Patent Infringement

Expert Witness for Aviation Disasters

We provide expert testimony in legal cases involving a wide range of structural failures, accidents, and disasters. We are experienced in a wide array of personal and commercial aircraft including fixed wing, rotary wing, jet, military, and commercial. We specialize in clearly communicating highly technical, complex topics to non-engineers.

Subject Matter Expert in Airframe Stress Analysis

We investigate, report, and advise on legal matters pertaining to aviation engineering and aeronautics. Our broad knowledge of structural aviation failures can help in your evaluation of a case and focus your resources on the best course of action.

Insurance and Liability Consulting

We apply our engineering expertise on aviation related insurance claims and questions of liability. With decades in the aeronautical engineering industry, we can help you understand which elements failed and why, and identify those at fault.

Engineering Outsourcing

We provide general consulting and a variety of engineering services for companies looking to outsource specific needs. From design, to analysis, to manufacturing optimization, we can help you complete your next project on time and under budget.

Design Patent Infringement

We provide patent infringement advisory services for individuals and organizations. We help identify whether a product or element does or does not meet the technical classification of design patent infringement from an engineering perspective.