Aerospace Stress Analysis

We have extensive experience in static, fatigue, shock and vibration analysis of primary and secondary metallic and composite airframe structure. We are Catia, Femap and NASTRAN power users and have analyzed and modeled the airframe and flight critical electro-mechanical subassemblies on military fighter jets, commercial jetliners, business jets, helicopters, missiles and missile deployment systems.

Aviation Disasters

The success of the aviation industry is built upon a solid foundation of safety and standards that help prevent disasters. Our analysis and testing methods are a necessary step in preventing such catastrophes. Although major accidents are relatively infrequent, isolated structural failures are numerous. In these cases, we are experienced in supporting FAR Part 23, 25 and 29 Airworthiness Standards for fixed wing and rotorcraft aircraft.

Structural Failure

Structural failures can occur in aircraft, complex machinery or simple power tools.  This can result from an improperly sized component, an inadvertent (or intentional) overload, or material defect.  We are experienced in classical analysis, the finite element method (FEM) and a variety of test methods for establishing the root cause.

Product Liability

Public safety is the foremost concern of any design developer, and qualified engineers know this.  Designing a safe product can be relatively easy, but is sometimes overlooked in exchange for profit.  Various governing bodies ranging from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to the FAA exist for good reasons.  Whether you suspect your client has been injured by an unsafe product, or are looking to prevent a lawsuit prior to marketing, we can assist you.

Personal Injury

Injury caused by an unsafe product can result from an inherently flawed design, an incompetent engineer or a willful exchange of safety for profit.  The exact cause determines the responsible party and an expert evaluation is where we can assist by offering our many years of experience in product development across a broad range of markets including industrial power tools, children's toys and household items.

Patent Infringement

It requires large sums of time and money to launch a product and secure a patent.  Armellino Engineering has assisted in the design, development and marketing of over 100 products from inception and prototype development to high-volume production.  Knock-offs don’t always constitute legitimate business competition, but can be illegal.  If you suspect patent infringement let us assist your attorney with a qualified expert engineering opinion.

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