Engineering Outsourcing

The Details Matter

We provide general consulting and a variety of engineering services for companies looking to outsource small or large aspects of their engineering projects.

Why Outsource?

You don’t have the personnel.
You don’t have the necessary resources.
You don’t have the proper software or training.
You need to focus on other parts of the project.
And sometimes it just costs less…

Whatever the case, we can assist in everything from finite element modeling and high-level stress analysis, to manufacturing optimization, to product design. We have the technical expertise and practical experience to help you complete your next project on time and under budget.

Areas of Expertise

Classical Stress Analysis
Detailed static, fatigue, and fracture analysis on metallic and composite structures.

Finite Element Modeling
Linear, non-linear, and coupled solutions with MSC/NASTRAN, Femap, and Ansys.

High-Level Structural Testing
Design of experiments, instrumentation selection, test lab coordination, test plans and test reports for a range of destructive and non-destructive testing efforts.

CAD/CAM/CAE Services
Multi-axis CNC programming, solid modeling, complex open surfacing, and kinematic animation. 

Compliance Standards
FAA/FAR criteria, consumer product safety regulations, and engineering ethics and standards.

Product Development
Functional prototyping, working mechanical drawings, engineering trade studies, safety and hazard evaluation, and vendor/supplier selection.

We’re Networked

We are in continuous contact with a variety of other consulting engineers. If we can’t solve your problem, chances are we know someone who can, and will refer you accordingly.

Lead Engineer

Glenn Armellino MS, PE

Glenn has over 35 years of hands-on experience in engineering. His broad experience and deep understanding of complex concepts, combined with his practical ability to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, makes him an invaluable member of any engineering team.